My name is Pat and I play guitar in a band called Polar Bear Club. When I am not playing I am out on the road with Against Me and Four Year Strong.

This is a blog where I ramble about music, guitars. musical equipment, touring, and whatever else that sparks my interests. Occasionally I will post some interviews with friends and artists, and some entries from the road as well.

When I'm not on tour I do a Podcast with my buddy Kris Hayes (@ludakrishayes), where we talk gear with other friends, musicians, builders, and gear nerds. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions on this blog are mine and mine only. I will try and answer any question to the best of my knowledge and If I can't then I will at least guide you in the right direction.


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    What’s in my bag?

    Day 19 // Hollywood, Ca. It’s really hard to pick a favorite guitar on this tour. Today I think it’s @laurajanegrace main Rick.

    Fender Telecaster / Gretsch Chet Atkins Hollow Body Guitar First Act Custom Shop Bass / Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass / Fender P-Bass Matt's GE-7 / RV-3 / JHS Honey Comb Deluxe / OCD / Fuzzrocious Rat Tail / Fuzzrocious Grey Stache / POG2 / Carbon Copy / JamMan Stereo / PS-5 Adam's LS-2 / DL-8 / Pickup Booster / TR-2 / FBM-1 / BD-2 Ayotte Custom Drums / Zildjain Cymbals Nord Electro 3 / Washburn mandolin / trumpet / Gallien-Krueger MB150S-III amp Fender Bassman TV Fifteen amp / Takamine acoustic guitar / Fender Deluxe Reverb amp Ampeg SVT-4 Pro / Olde Crow 4x12



    Murder by Death 2/15/13


    (via effectpedal)

    Got the whole family together for a group photo before I left for tour. I wonder what sort of new toys will be added to the collection this fall…

    What's your opinion on fender eighty six amps? Is that Jonny Greenwood tone worth $130 plus shipping?


    I have never played one. They look like neat amps for sure and definitely usable with a lot of pedals. Look on eBay “completed listings” and see what they’ve sold for in the past and that should give you a rough idea if you’re getting a great deal or not.

    Hey Pat, just recently found your blog and the podcast and its great! Ill be at the Against Me! show in Albuquerque if you want any restaurant recommendations or anything lemme know! I was wondering if you could give me a suggestion about combo amps? Im looking for a combo amp that has great early silver face sort of clean tones, with reverb. I love the Princeton Reverb, but I'm not sure if i should save and get the actual thing or if there is an alternative, preferably under 20W and under $800


    Hey!! Thanks for checking out the blog and listening to the podcast. Make sure to come and say hello after the show, it’s going to be a fun one!

    As far as amps there is really nothing that beats the Princeton reverb in my opinion. Especially because it sounds like that is the amp/sound you want the most. If that’s true then save some extra dough or go on a hunt to find the cheapest deal on one used/new. They’re out there. I think I saw one on reverb brand new for $700. I’ve played this amp and it’s amazing. Can’t say a bad thing about it other than the fact that I dot own one yet. Hope all is well and maybe we will be seeing each other soon!

    Fall is beautiful in Michigan, let me tell ya… #klon #yesitsamazing

    Day 11 // Detroit, MI. Another city I enjoy being in very much. Show tonight at the Fillmore, followed by five days off in Flint, MI.

    Day 10 // Toronto, ON. Never a bad view of this city.

    1962 Fender Strat refinished at some point during the 70’s. Everything else all original, and sounds fantastic. These pictures were taken several months ago and have just been withering away in my drafts folder. I wouldn’t call myself a strat guy, but this one is pretty awesome.

    Song of the Day: Violent Soho, “Covered in Chrome”

    I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz recently about this Australian band named Violent Soho. So I checked it out one day and was instantly hooked. They are Australia’s next big rock band, from what I gather. There full length I believe is set to drop in the States at the end of the month. Feel free to head bang as much as you see fit.

    Day 04 // Gaslight playing with a lot of lights to a lot of people for their hometown show.

    Day 02 // Good view over Philadelphia today. Getting to watch Jimmy Eat World today and tomorrow ain’t so bad either. (at The Mann Center - Skyline Stage)

    Back to work… (at 9:30 Club)

    For anyone looking into building & designing your own pedal(s), read this article…

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