My name is Pat and I play guitar in a band called Polar Bear Club. When I am not playing I am out on the road with Against Me and Four Year Strong.

This is a blog where I ramble about music, guitars. musical equipment, touring, and whatever else that sparks my interests. Occasionally I will post some interviews with friends and artists, and some entries from the road as well.

When I'm not on tour I do a Podcast with my buddy Kris Hayes (@ludakrishayes), where we talk gear with other friends, musicians, builders, and gear nerds. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions on this blog are mine and mine only. I will try and answer any question to the best of my knowledge and If I can't then I will at least guide you in the right direction.


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    Want a Gbison Les Paul Black Beauty and don’t have over $3,000? Get this awesome Japanese Greco lawsuit era Les Paul Custom. This is probably the best knockoff Les Paul I have seen. It’s absolutely gorgeous and properly the closest you will get to the real deal without spending an arm and a leg.

    Greco guitars started out in 1960 under Kanda Shokai (wholesalers known for being apart of Fender Japan). They started making Les Paul copies in in 1970 with set necks (later switching d to bolt on). In 1979 they introduced the “Super Real Series” which were high end replicas of notable Fender and Gibson models. Eventually Kanda Shokai joined forces with Fender and they stopped producing the Fender replicas. They kept this Gibson knockoffs for a little while longer but were forced to eventually change the headstock design and shape after their lawsuit with Gibson . 

    The Fuji-Gen Gakki guitar factory produced all of these guitars from 70’s and 80’s. Again the same factory that builds all of the Fender Japan guitars. They also have their own brand of guitars now under the Fuji-Gen (FGN) name.

    This guitar is for sale in Brooklyn, NY at Main Drag Music for $1,150.00 with the original hardshell case.


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